Heroin addiction is seriously dangerous and this physical and psychological addiction is ‘treatable’ despite the ‘myth’ that some heroin addicts believe, that heroin addiction is NOT treatable!

Twin Rivers staff understand the unique psychology that comes with heroin addiction. It is a completely different lifestyle compared to many other substance addictions in that the morphine based opiod requires regular ‘topping up’ which promotes criminal activity in order to meet the high cost of a daily habit.

At Twin Rivers we respect that heroin addicts can be highly anti-social, demanding and high maintenance, even grandiose but that’s alright as we appreciate that underneath this attitude and behaviour lies insecurity, a deep rooted unhappiness and usually self-loathing!

At Twin Rivers we assist the client in addressing not only the addiction but the shameful behaviour that comes with it so as the client can start to feel a sense of hope and positive self-worth.

Heroin History

Heroin was first manufactured in 1898 by the Bayer pharmaceutical company in Germany and it was marketed as a treatment for TB it was also known as a remedy for a morphine addiction.

Heroin is a highly addictive drug extracted from the poppy plant. How can such a beautiful plant create so much death and destruction?

The poppy plant from which Morphine, heroin, and opium are extracted from has been a huge part to play in the world of drugs today. The poppy plant is a very common plant found in nursery’s and in gardens however it’s not illegal in most countries except in Mexico.

How is Heroin taken?

You see in movies of people smoking it (chasing the dragon) and injecting it but it can also be snorted. This can lead to so many serious health problems not to mention a physical and psychological addiction to the drug.

Once you start on heroin then more heroin is needed to produce the same level of intensity. Therefore, this results in addiction and it’s a lot harder to stop than most other drugs. There are so many health factors involved including fatality. You could contract HIV /AIDS and hepatitis when sharing needles as well as developing heart and liver problems.

The major problem is that once you are addicted you need more to avoid have withdrawal symptoms that can last many days. Also, once you stop taking the drug it can be fatal if not done in the correct and professionally supervised way.

What does Heroin look like?

In pure form, it is white powder. But more often it’s a brown or black as there are so many added toxic ingredients. There is brown heroin that is mainly used for smoking instead of injecting and is less expensive. Then you get the Black Tar heroin and looks like tar. The white heroin is a powder and sometimes more dangerous as its combined with other lethal drugs to increase the ‘quantity’ for selling to addicts. Over the past few years it has become increasingly popular to lace heroin with Fentanyl which is a very powerful synthetic opiate causing a big increase in fatal overdoses!


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