Probably the biggest addiction problem globally and yet some much denial surrounds this addiction.

Recovery from pill addiction is specialized post detoxification which could take a few weeks. Twin Rivers staff recognise that the psychology attached to pill addiction is particularly strong as the client can remain obsessed with pills believing this is the only answer to their malady! We can assist the client in recognising important aspects of pill addiction such as:

*The number of pills consumed will have risen considerably

*The excessive lengths gone to in order to obtain more pills

*The probability that their addiction has increased to stronger pills

*The amount of time preoccupied with getting and taking pills

*The reality that any pills taken beyond the original prescription denotes pill addiction!

Loss of Control!

Excessive use of pills can cause irreparable damage to the mind and body whereby addicts can experience horrendous side effects and even become suicidal. This is why it is important to receive treatment for prescribed drug abuse. At Twin Rivers, we take every individual’s unique situation and needs into consideration, giving them a customised treatment plan to overcome their prescribed pill addiction successfully.

Prescribed medication addiction or prescribed pill addiction can originate from the following three areas:1. Overprescription by a doctor or clinical psychologist

2. A need for extra medication that goes beyond the prescribed amount

3. Purchasing pills on the black market

Surveys have shown that medication used in the treatment of anxiety, pain and even attention deficit disorders are being abused at a level that only comes second to that of marijuana. Prescription pills are abused by all ages, from curious teenagers to bored senior citizens. Whoever it involves, we can safely say that prescription pill addiction is a worldwide epidemic and it’s getting worse.

Prescribed medication addiction can start in a very innocent way, such as being introduced to pain pills for a broken bone. Michael Jackson was introduced to pain pills after an incident in which his hair caught fire whilst filming a Pepsi commercial and look what happened to him – he ended up dying from an overdose of anaesthetics purchased on the black market by a doctor!

Popping pills is a lot easier than lighting a cannabis cigarette at work or going to the toilet to use cocaine. A person can seem to be functioning normally, yet could be popping pills all day. Sometimes addicts are known to consume hundreds of pills a day and, in order to fulfil their growing need and fear of withdrawals. Pill addicts use lots of different doctors who each, in turn, think they are the only person prescribing the patient pills!


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